App store stats Q3 2016

According to Sensortower store intelligence Q3 2016 rose to a new level in the app store. A total of 18.1 billion apps world wide were downloaded this quarter. This is a 15 % increase from Q2 2016. In the US, the downloads increased only by 2.3%, but the revenue skyrocketed with a whopping 49% to 2.23 billion USD. Apples app store took home 1.36billion while google play 869 million USD. Here are some key app highlights: Number one downloaded app in the world (both IOS and Android) was Niantic´s Pokemon Go. Number two most downloaded app in iTunes was Uber and is the top non-game app in the app store. Out of the top 20 most downloaded apps 8 were Chinese, the rest US. IOS stats 18% revenue increase in game category year over 2 billion USD worldwide revenue in game category Games provide 285% higher revenue than second category…Keep Reading

Apple cleaning up the appstore

September 7th, Apple started reviewing all apps in the app store to see if it is functional or not. And guess what? I already got a warning from Apple to update one of my apps. You see the one on the far right? This is an old game that I have not updated for over 2 years. It does not make any money, but I have just left it there. If I don’t update it, Apple will remove it from the app store, which they should. This does not belong in the app store anymore. It does not function at all, in fact it crashes, and I should have removed it myself a long time ago. Here is the detailed warning from Apple: What does this mean to you? It means you need to keep your apps up to date, and compliant with the latest IOS versions and guidelines. This…Keep Reading

How to build an e-mail list for your apps

App marketing is hard when you are an indie-developer. How should you reach out to your potential new app customers? The competition is fierce in the app store, everybody knows that. And it will only get worse. The big-time studios can spend millions of dollars on promoting their apps, while the indie-developers are scratching their heads on how to reach out to the millions of people that have a smart-phones, and thereby representing a potential paying customer. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are getting spammed with advertisements from various businesses. Buying an ad here is getting more and more expensive. It is no longer an option for the small time indie developer. Gaining organic followers on social media is also getting increasingly hard. Every company out there tries to get consumers to like their page, and the consumers are getting more and more vary of pressing the “Like” or “Follow” button Facebook…Keep Reading

Appstore Naming Tactics

For those developers that don’t have marketing budgets nor spend any time promoting their apps outside the app store, the only way to get their app noticed is through Appstore Search Optimization (ASO). The most important aspect of the ASO is the name of the app and the keywords. The name is by far the most important. In naming your app you have basically three choices: 1. A complete unique name for your app 2. A complete unique name and a small description behind. 3. A name similar to other apps, with or without description. If you chooses to go for a complete unique name that no one has ever heard of before, chances are not many will search for that name, which again results in no one finding your app. How can anyone find your app if it doesn’t show up in any search results? This is particularly true…Keep Reading

How am I going to market my app – Section 2

I have spent a lot of time doing research on how to do a good app launch. And some websites/blogs stands out. Here are some of them: The launch of Fit Men Cook App. This is the story of how an indie developer took a 2.99USD app to the top of the charts in the U.S. Dan Counsell has a great blog on different launch secrets, and also other indie developer material. Read about it here. Tapity Inc has made some great apps and very successful apps like Grades and Hours and won the Apple Design Awards. It is run by Jeremy Olson who writes about how he goes about running his small indie studio in the U.K. Read about it here. And here is a blog post by Brian Clarke, listing 10 steps to launching your app. How should you go about getting press coverage? Here is an interesting…Keep Reading